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This set of Fun Luggage Tags is perfect for anyone who loves to travel! With four personalized bag tags, you can easily identify your luggage at the airport or hotel. The suitcase tags come with baggage labels that make it easy to jot down your travel information.

Key Features:
- Set of 4 Personalized Bag Tags
- Travel ID Identifiers
- Name Tags for Women and Men
- 4X Letters

These luggage accessories are a must-have for frequent travelers. The personalized bag tags are great for adding a touch of personality to your luggage. Plus, the bright colors make it easy to spot your bags from a distance.

The Fun Luggage Tags set includes four different letters that you can use to create unique combinations or spell out words on each tag. This is perfect if you're traveling with family members or friends and want to keep track of everyone's bags.

In summary, this set includes 4 Personalized Baggage Labels that will help keep track of all types and sizes suitcases during travels and they come complete with Travel ID Identifiers & Name Tags which makes it easier at airports/hotels!


Fun Luggage Tags Set of 4 Personalized Bag Tags Suitcase Tags Baggage Labels

£12.99 Regular Price
£4.99Sale Price
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